Skrivet av: Tord Sand | augusti 10, 2010

Inspirations from Jim Rohn – The Law of attraction

I wish to share 2 videos for your inspiration – to relax with and find your inner strength.

Here is the first one from Jim Rohn – R.I.P. John, you was really something else.

And here is the second video – just to give you some ideas of the strength in our mindsettings.

What could happend in your life – if you will get what you think of and set up goals to reach?

Is it really possible? Have you really tried, i mean hard enough and without stop believe?

Enjoy the video, and let your dreams out.  You live here and now – do the best of every day!

From me, that do all this inspirationwork for me and my kids and family – not for the money because i do this to you for free.  My dream in life is really simple – i believe in ”pay it forward” , if i send out good energies and help people to get in a better mode i will be well payed back in the end and can feed my kids for the rest of their beautiful life.

Light & love to you all!

-Tord G. Sand  c”,)…a lifecoach -always with a smile on my lips and light in my heart…



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