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Welcome to my blog about social media and lifestyle, the purpose about this blog is to get interactive with you as a reader.

I really wish to hear from you, and discuss the different items from your point of view also and not only from me.

In my profession as a social media advisor, author,mentor I meet different kind of people with different kind of missions in life.

And i´m really intrested to hear what i can do for you, and maybe we can collaborate in some way if we just get to know more about ourself and our surrounding.

I search for collegues that can help me to create a better work international, so let me know what you do and maybe we can work side by side in the future.

I have been a professional educator in business refferals in many years, and now i help my network and clients to build the same sucess with different online tools both in social media as Facebook – YouTube – Twitter – LinkedIn  as we do thrue their own channels and websites.

WebbTV, Videowebcourses and podcast is just some of this tools that is real hot just now, but there is more to come so hope to get in touch with you now to see in what progress you are right in this moment.

Let´s get social, with social selling the results will grow faster then ever!

”Do or do not – there is no try” (Yoda/Starwars)

Keep in touch, and take care!

Tord Sand

Web: sundlivsstil in english 

Find out more about me and how we can be sucessful together at this pages;
>> Facebook
>> Linkedin – reputation network

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  1. Suggestions on using LinkedIn to generate leads, please.


    • Dear Chip!
      Thank´s for the suggestion, and i already use LinkedIn in private.
      But of course i will consider to connect into LinkedIn in the near future, this blogg is quite new and right now i wish to find a good balance in what i wish to do for my readers, collegues and partners.
      Feel free to add me on LinkedIn, so we can involve my groups i have there also:
      Wish you all the best!
      -Tord c”,)


    • Hi Chip, i really use LinkedIn since years ago. Feel free to add me there….wish you all the best! -Tord c”,)



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